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  • Who We Are

    We are innovators that work with you to provide solutions through engineering. Our aim is to give you the advantage with the latest technologies like 3D printing and computational design.

    We continually offer affordable options for researchers and industries. Working for those seeking a technological advantage without having to do the engineering and scientific work in-house.

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    Put our expertise and ingenuity to work for you. We continually offer affordable and creative solutions.

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  • Our Work

    Our organization works with a wide variety of clients, from institutions of higher learning to start-ups just entering the market.

    Cutting Edge

    Utilizing the latest technologies and concepts we provide solutions you won't find anywhere else

  • Services

    These are just a few of the services we have provided in the past

    Muon Detector

    Custom Built Muon Detector

    CubeSat Systems

    Carbon Fiber, Light, Strong

    Camera Light Ring

    Light Rings for Specimen Type Camera Systems

    Resin Curing Station

    A UV curing station with circulation and temperature control for ideal curing for resin 3D printers like Form2

    VR Environment Viewing & Demo

    Custom importing of 3D environments for VR viewing. Useful for architecture, product design, art, science, and more.

    3D Printed Parts

    and Prototyping

    Custom printed items can save you significant time and money for prototypes and custom parts.

    Custom Electronics

    Have a unique electronics requirement? Let us build it for you.

    Drone Operations

    Ask about our drone based inspections, mapping, and photography.

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